The Wilton Fire District is the legal municipal government entity, governed by a Board of Fire Commissioners, responsible for providing fire protection for the residents and property located within the boundaries of the Fire District.  It is a separate entity from the Wilton Fire Department, which is a non-profit association of men and women who provide firefighting services to the Wilton Fire District.

The Board of Fire Commissioners of the Wilton Fire District convenes for regular business meetings on the second  Wednesday of each month at 7:00pm. The five members of the Board of Fire Commissioners, who receive no remuneration for their service, are responsible for the overall operation of the Fire District, including administration, firefighter training, public education, upkeep of the Fire District’s grounds and physical plant, procurement and maintenance of firefighting apparatus and equipment, maintenance of an emergency radio and alarm system, and procurement of insurance coverage including workers’ compensation and Volunteer Firefighters Benefit Law insurance coverage. The Board also determines the policies under which its mission is carried out.


The Board establishes an annual budget in order to accomplish these responsibilities. This budget is submitted to the Town of Wilton and the required taxes are collected for the Fire District by the Town. This Fire District tax differs from the voluntary donations solicited by the Wilton Fire Department, which help the association of volunteer firefighters operate their organization. By law, Fire District taxes cannot be used to pay for many of the expenses of operating the Wilton Fire Department. Wilton Fire District expenditures are governed by state and municipal laws, and the Fire District undergoes an annual audit of its finances.

Wilton Fire Department

270 Ballard Road, Wilton, NY 12831

Non-Emergency 518.584.1511 / Emergency Dial 911